Super Skunk, CWR #46 – 2-6-6-2

Basil Casabona and I were working on our club layout this morning when CWR #45 rolled past us on her pre-summer season test trip (she passed with flying colours). It was a long time ago but the California Western Railroad once owned a much bigger loco – a “Super Skunk,” a 2-6-6-2. Coincidentally Basil owns a G Scale 2-6-6-2 and the track we were working on will handle his “Super Skunk” when it is finished.

The photos below were taken in 1970, some 40 plus years ago. #45 and #46 did not double head a train all that often and I suspect there are not too many photos of them operating in tandem.

September 1970 CW #46 and #45

September 1970 CW #46 and #45

September 1970, CWR 2-6-6-2 #46 waiting at Fort Bragg

September 1970, CWR 2-6-6-2 #46 filling her water tank at Fort Bragg