Ten Mile Bridge around 1949

Here is the pic that appeared in the Westport Wave of September 1, 2013:

Ten Mile Bridge in 1949

Ten Mile Bridge in 1949

Two bridges at the same time? Er, no. Let Thad Van Beuren, archaeologist and local author, explain:

Jan Haagen-Smit shared the image above of two former bridges over the lower Ten Mile River. I’m guessing this was taken around the time the railroad was converted to the haul road in 1949. The bridge on the right was built in 1916 at the time that the (Union Lumber Company’s) Ten Mile Branch railroad was constructed. There is evidence of recent demolition of the railway with bulldozer tracks and rails in the foreground. The old bridge is blocked off and a car is visible on the new low-slung bridge. The approaches to the new bridge are very newly placed fill with no plant growth. It was a time of big changes in the woods and along the state highway.”


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