The Caspar, South Fork & Eastern Nn3 modular logging layout at the 2019 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Sacramento, California September 4-7.

Club member Joe DuVivier models in Nn3. For anyone out there who does not know what Nn3 is I quote from the Nn3 website:

Nn3 is narrow gauge in N scale, primarily, but not exclusively using Z scale standards to represent 3ft narrow gauge railroads. While it’s obviously a minority interest, it’s followed by an increasing number of modellers worldwide.

To give you an idea of how titchy Nn3 is look at this pic:

Two Nn3 freight cars on the fingers of a hand

Two Nn3 freight cars on the fingers of a hand

Joe recently show cased Joe’s in progress Nn3 module at the recent Narrow Gauge Convention in Sacremento. Joe is creating a WORKING lumber mill modelled on the one that used to be at Caspar. The doyen of the Nn3 world is a gentleman named Tom Knapp. Twas Tom who made this vid of the first 3 modules of the The Caspar, South Fork & Eastern. For the technical:

“The Mich-Cal #2 shay (in the vid) is a Showcase Miniatures kit with a Searails Powermax power truck. The locomotive is smaller than a thumb. The log bunks are 3D printed by Tom on Shapeways. They have link and pin dummy couplers also 3D printed.”

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