The Glover Machine Works in the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History in Kennesaw, GA,

Club Member Dan Fessler visited this museum on a vacation “back east.”

The famous “General” is not the only locomotive you’ll see in th museum. After the Civil War, the Glover Machine Works of Marietta, GA played a large role in the revitalization of the south. As the only southern builder of steam locomotives, the Glover factory produced smaller engines that were mostly intended for industrial use. Although the Glover facility produced its last steam locomotive in the 1930s, it retained all of the patterns, dies and fixtures to make parts for the engines it produced and continued to support them for well over 20 years. When the facility finally closed, surviving family members saved as much of the locomotive production equipment as possible and that material has is now displayed at the museum in Kennesaw.

Amazing diorama of how Glover Locomotives were built

Above is a diorama depicting the only belt-driven, steam locomotive assembly line in the US. In this view, you see a pair of small industrial engines in various stages of assembly. Directly in front of the camera sits the chassis of a small 0-4-0T locomotive. Just beyond it, a worker maneuvers the boiler into position on a small cart. On the right side of the photo, more fully assembled locomotive is undergoing some final operations. This is a most interesting exhibit, depicting an operation that all but the most ardent steam aficionados probably never knew existed.

Here are the pics Dan took when he visited:

Image #1

Image #2

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And finally ……..

The General

Thanks Dan.