The Launching of the Stubby II off of the Union Lumber Pier in Fort Bragg (CA) circa 1938

In the tribute to Hank Simonson you’ll find this para:

“With the full permission of the [Union Lumber Company – ULC] mill supervisor, Hank and his friend were refurbishing a small sailing boat acquired from the ULC on ULC property at the time the pier was due to be demolished. The ULC superintendent encouraged the two “boys” and offered materials from ULC stores, as well as advice and encouragement. The gas tank for the boat was salvaged from the dump at the bottom of Oak Street, now known as Glass Beach. There are cliffs all around the mill site and the only way to launch the Hank’s Stubby II was off the pier. Demolition was (kindly) held up until they finished and Stubby II was then duly, ceremoniously, launched. Hank believed his boat was the last one ever launched off the pier. If you stand on the cliffs where the pier joined the land you can, at very low tide, see one or two remnants of the pier’s pilings. Because of the outbreak of WWII the cruise that Hank and his friend were to make in the Stubby II never materialized.”

After Hank died his widow, Flo, gave me two photos of the launch. I am in the process of cleaning out 15 years of “stuff” and lo and behold the two photos emerged none the worse for wear after being interred for all these many years. We’ll add them to the tribute to Hank.

Stubby II's stern

Stubby II’s stern

Stubby II's bow

Stubby II’s bow

I think that Hank is standing to the right of Stubby in the bottom pic.