The Orient Express in Chocolate – A First Class Ticket to Decadence

I am a chocoholic. I am a train addict. Getting the two into one blog is tricky. I did it before with this post. This being the season of the family giving me chocolate and everything else that’s good (but not good for me – Type 2 Diabetes) I felt I should see if I could find a “thingy” combining chocolate and trains.

Whilst it is not “au courant” – it happened is 2017 – it does fit the bill. Godiva to mark the launch of the film Murder on the Orient Express, luxury Belgian chocolatier Godiva created a 10-foot replica of the Orient Express which was displayed in St. Pancras Station in London.

If somebody wants to give me one I’ll VERY happily eat it. Imagine, 3,000 bars of chocolate!!!!!!