The sinking of the Arctic on July 12th, 1922

The Arctic was a wooden steam schooner built in 1901 by H.R. Reed at Bay City, Oregon for J.S. Kimball of San Francisco. She was used for the coastal lumber trade, was 392 tons, 145 x 32 x 11 feet with a single deck. She had a 350 h.p. triple expansion (3 – Cylinder) engine and 325, 000 board foot capacity. Other owners of the Arctic were Hammond Lumber Company; sold in 1908 to National Steamship Company and sold again in 1919 to Union Lumber Company. The Arctic wrecked at Point Arena on July 12th, 1922.

I have recently gleaned a little more about the wreck in a snippet that appeared in the Fort Bragg Advocate at the time of the wreck:

Wreck of the Arctic in the Fort Bragg Advocate

And, we even have a picture of her …..

The Arctic