The Ten Mile Branch – the MCMR&HS second HO layout – – Part 6 – Train Day July 6, 2003

We sent out about 100 invites:



In conjunction with

Tony Phillips, sole proprietor of the GBNF Railway Holding Company

On land leased for a very extortionate rent from

The Soggy Foggy Doggy Land Company


To the VERY (in)formal

Grand Re-opening of the 10 mile branch of the California Western Railroad

Bring your own HO Loco and with a little bit of luck run it from Rossi’s to Camp One on 2.5 scale miles of HO track over 5 trestles built to scale. See the Cleone Tramway.

The Date …… July 6thst

The Time ……from 11.30 am till 3 pm

The Place ….. 33701 Simpson Road, Inglenook (see below for instructions)

Official Golden Spike Ceremony ……. at (im)precisely 1.12pm

Free Tea and Stickies plus Killer Chili plus Added Attractions …..

Bob (the Builder) Taylor will be trying to incinerate Tony’s workshop running a LIVE STEAM G Scale engine indoors …. His wife, Virginia will demo how SHE caught a 43lb salmon.

Colin Menzies world class (as seen in Timber Times) static steam models will be on display.

You are welcome to bring husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, significant others, POSSLQs, friends (no enemies please) as well as dogs, parrots, elephants and children.

WARNING #1 ….. Watch where you walk … keep on the paths

Tony’s wife and landowner, Soggy Foggy and daughter CTP own 2 very large (as in 115lbs and 85lbs) grossly stupid dogs named Charlie Brown and Buddy as well as a larynx on four legs which means the site of the railroad has MANY doggy landmines and multitudinous attempts by aforementioned canines to reach others of the same gene pool located in or near the Nullarbor Plain which they have artfully camouflaged in an attempt to have you break your neck …… PLEASE be CAREFUL of the HOLES …..  you ENTER the Dead Chicken Ranch at YOUR OWN RISK.

 WARNING #2 …. Those are NOT ordinary chicken

Adjacent to the railroad is a gulag wherein which reside 11 domesticated vultures. APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK. These pigs with feathers are direct descendants from Attila the Hun’s own. They are NOT related to the nice Mrs Cluck in children’s books. They are a highly organized trade union headed by chief shop steward ‘ermione who was trained in guerilla warfare by Ho Chi. She is assisted by ‘ester who recently returned from a training camp in Afghanistan. I retrieve the few oeufs they deign to produce dressed in a pith helmet, goggles, leather gloves, steel capped boots and a reinforced steel box to protect one’s private parts holding a dustbin lid and I have still suffered grievous wounds. YOU Are WARNED.

SO …..

The Grange (about 200 yards past Simpson Road) serves a GREAT breakfast for $5 on the first Sunday of the month if you want to feed your face before you have a giggle seeing what Tony has created to date with great help from soldering genius Hank, MUCH advice from train club members in particular Phil and Bill, materials donated by the Pyeatt family at the Floor Store, artistic direction by Ute, and construction erudition from Brian.

I was up early July 6, 2003 (a brilliantly sunny, warm summer’s day) putting out signs and doing those last-minute things. Sarah was busy making a huge pot of chili. How many would come was the BIG question. The answer was, “quite a lot.” Enough indeed, to scarf all the chili by 11:15!

The first question I was asked was, “Where’s the GULAG?”


The U-shaped layout began downtown at Rossi’s:

Rossi’s Store

Approaching Rossi’s

Anna Russell videoing Thomas the Tank Engine at Rossi’s

Next came the Elm Street Underpass:

Thomas the Tank Engine crossing the Elm Street Underpass

Next Came the Pudding Creek Trestle

Looking down from Rossi’s to the 180 degree turn

Joe DuVivier’s Brass Loco on the Pudding Creek Trestle

Daughter Annalise Hogwarts Express on the Pudding Creek Trestle

On Pudding Creek Trestle

2-8-0 on Pudding Creek Trestle

Looking acress the Pudding Creek Trestle

2-8-0 on Pudding Creek Trestle

2-6-0 on Pudding Creek Trestle

Camp 1 will be in the next pots ………