The Ten Mile Branch – the MCMR&HS second HO layout – – Part 8 – Train Day July 6, 2003 – the Visitors

We never did count how many came to gawk. Sarah said there must have been a lot ‘cos her ENORMOUS pot of chile went in an hour and a half:

Taking on killer chilli.

Taking on killer chilli. That’s me and club pres Phil Miller at the trough.

The women seemed content to gab, ignore the train and wander in Sarah’s garden.

Garden at 33701 Simpson Road, Fort Bragg, CA

The garden on train day.

Clusters of people gathered at various places to discuss my efforts:

Looking down the HO Ten Mile Branch

Me, club pres Phil Miller down by the 180 degree turnaround

Visitors day at the HO Ten Mile Branch

Looking from the garage to the layout

Visitors at Camp 1 on Train Day

Visitors at Camp 1

A gaggle of visitors on open day of the HO Ten Mile Branch

A gaggle of visitors

John Wooller

My friend John Wooller came from England to help

Phil Miller

Club pres Phil Miller operating the HO Ten Mile Branch

And last, but not least – me and the delightful lady from whom we leased the land on which the Ten Mile Branch stood – my wife Sara:

Sarah Fogg and Tony Phillips

Wife Sarah and me