Train Ride in Howarth Park, Santa Rosa

This blog is another blog inspired by a heads up from a visitor to our (G Scale)  layout – The Mendocino Model Railroad & Navigation Company here in Fort Bragg. I am frequently asked if I have visited this or that layout/train ride. I’d say I score on about 33% of those brought to my attention. On this one I struck out. Santa Rosa isn’t that far away from Fort Bragg or Kentfield in Marin where we used to live. Alas, I’d never heard of the Howarth Park Railway.

The railway has 2,000 foot of 7 1/2 inch track. Old engine #74 was replaced in in 2016 by a  new engine #3924. Both are replicas of an 1863 C.P. Huntington steam engine. Nearly a half-century of ferrying passengers had taken its toll on old No. 74, which missed work days because of age-related maintenance issues and difficulty finding parts. The new locomotive has a modern 4-cylinder engine and amenities, including plush seating for the engineer!

The new engine is a beauty and cost $220,000.

Howarth Park locomotive

Howarth Park locomotive

Whilst I haven’t taken a ride in person I have ridden the ride in this vid:

I’ve added a visit to my bucket list.