Vectorr Train Prototype in Ukiah, California

I only know about this from a heads up by Basil Casabona one of our club members.

Ukiah isn’t very far from where we live in Fort Bragg – 34 miles to be more or less exact. In Ukiah is the Vectorr train –  a new affordable high-speed rail technology.

Flight Rail Corporation has built an elevated high-speed rail system propelled by air pressure within a sealed power tube underneath the train. Power is supplied by stationary vacuum power systems located along the line, as far as 50 miles apart. The patented system is projected to operate at speeds in excess of 200 mph and to climb grades as steep as 10%, more than three times steeper than a conventional train can climb.  Flight Rail has built a 1/6 scale working prototype of the train to demonstrate their technology in practice. They call it VECTORRTM, and it is currently operating on a 2,095 foot (638 m) outdoor test guideway in Ukiah  Mendocino County, California.

The Vectorr Prototype

TheVectorr test Track

The vid is MOST impressive: