Whiskey River Railway – a 16″ gauge railroad in Marshall, WI

You just have to be lucky to find “nuggets” of railroad stuff. Me and the missus were holidaying in Holland. One of the “things” that struck us was how many of the houses’ front windows had flowers in them. The flowers were great but what was also great was the “vases” in which they resided. A lot of the “vases” were nothing more than household bottles. One empty bottle that caught my eye was what I am certain was an old dimple Haig whisky bottle. Unbeknownst to herself I determined to get her one when we got back to Fort Bragg (CA.)

What I thought would be easy is actually difficult and expensive. This dimple Haig is available for $274.34!!!!!!!!!

Dimple Haig Bottle

Dimple Haig Bottle

So I quit on Plan A and went to Plan B and acquired some beakers used in a lab – happy wife!!!

All was not lost in my efforts ‘cos I came across a vid of a 16″ gauge railroad called the Whiskey River Railway. My knowledge  of it is miniscule – it’s in an amusement park and runs on a two mile track. Here’s the vid:

Lovely locos.