Wreck of the Steamer J.S. Cabot In Mendocino Bay in 1860

Some how or other I came to acquire this piece of info:

“In 1860 twelve lives were lost in a terrible maritime disaster in Mendocino Bay. The brig J.S.Cabot had approached the loading chute to take on a cargo of lumber. Seeing the chute was currently in use, the captain attempted to turn back to sea but a sudden gale brought in a heavy sea from the south. Although anchors were dropped, the ship was dragged and capsized. A boat from shore was launched to rescue the sailors, but the rescue boat was rolled over by a large wave. Half of those lost were the would-be rescuers.”

Whence it came I have no idea. It’s remained in my “more info needed” pile for some considerable time.

Our website has a large section (under Ships) of the vessels that plied the Mendocino Coast. Alas, there is nothing about this ship, the J.S. Cabot. A trawl of the ‘net also came up with an empty net.

Whilst staying at home during these awful times I have been sorting through old hard drives. On a hard drive i was using in 2015 I found this photo in a folder called “Cabot shipwreck.” I think the photo is of the ship referred to above.

Wreck of the Steamer J.S. Cabot in Mendocino Bay

If anyone has more better info PLEASE let me know.