Young Great White Sharks new home – Monterey Bay

A few blogs ago in answer to questions from people I met at our train layout I wrote a blog, “Sharks along the Mendocino Coast” Wife Sarah and I are contemplating another visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where I can sit and dream in front of the balletic jellies. What I am emphatically not going to do is to to go out the Bay. Why? Read on …..

A group of young great white sharks has taken up residence along the central coast of California, enthralling beachgoers, residents, local media outlets and scientists. Marine biologists are working to understand why the sharks – the largest predatory fish in the world – have ventured up to California’s Monterey Bay. The juvenile great whites typically reside in the balmy waters of southern California, near the US-Mexico border. But the fish have increasingly wandered north in the past few years, leading to frequent sightings in the Monterey Bay since 2014.